Jim Beam celebrates the season of giving with limited edition tin pack

To celebrate the holidays, Jim Beam has introduced a special ‘tin pack’ available at S&R for P1,438.00. Included are a limited-edition tin as well as two 1-liter bottles of Jim Beam, the world’s no.1 bourbon.

The limited-edition tin pack is an ideal Christmas present for those who want to pair their usual holiday fare with an easy-to-make yet deliciously refreshing drink. The tin itself can be used as an ice bucket while the lid can be used as a garnish tray, making homemade highballs easier and more convenient this holiday season.

“We’re always excited to be part of the holiday celebration in Manila,” says Sally Lim, Senior Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia, Beam Suntory. “It’s the most widely celebrated season of the year that starts as early as September and stretches to January of next year and we think that’s one of a kind! That’s why we brought here the perfect gift for your friends and family.”

Strengthening the bonds between loved ones is an important part of Filipino culture. This is also a quality that Jim Beam holds in high regard; the value of friends and family, especially during the most revered holiday in the Philippines. The Jim Beam tin pack is a celebration of these relationships and the season of sharing.

“My family has been bringing people together with our bourbon for generations, so now is the perfect time to raise a glass to our extended family – the fans who have been enjoying Jim Beam with us along the way,” said Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s 7th generation master distiller.


A versatile drink to refresh your holiday traditions

The tin pack is an ideal starter kit to make your own Jim Beam Highball; a pleasantly refreshing drink made with Jim Beam bourbon, soda, ice, and ingredients of your choice.

The Classic Jim Beam Highball, for example, is made with Jim Beam; the world’s number one bourbon, soda water, ice, and lemon. The smooth, sweet flavor of our classic bourbon is enhanced by the sharp and clean zing of the citrus; a simple yet delicious mix.

A festive spin on the iconic drink is the Apple Cinnamon Jim Beam Highball. Aside from lemon juice, it’s made with muddled red apples for tartness and sweetened with cinnamon syrup before adding the Jim Beam bourbon into the mix.

If you’re feeling a bit creative, try the customizable Frozen Fruit Jim Beam Highball. In an especially refreshing twist, this variation replaces the ice cubes with 6-8 frozen pieces of your favorite fruits.

These are only three of the endless ways you can mix a Jim Beam Highball but no matter how you make it, it will always be enjoyably refreshing. Pair your traditional Noche Buena favorites with your chosen highball – its smooth and mellow taste perfectly balances with the strong-flavored Filipino Christmas dishes we know and love.


The Jim Beam tin pack is available throughout the holiday season at all S&R branches nationwide. You can also now top-up your holiday bar by ordering Jim Beam from our official Lazada shop at


Written by dotdailydose




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