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Stay Home and Be Productive with KYK Tools

Covid-19 had the world at its feet the past 3 months. It has caused fear to humanity and made the whole world into stand still. Two thirds of the country is mostly affected due to its abrupt spread. The government deemed it necessary to enact an Enhanced Community Quarantine to help contain the spread of virus which left people wondering what to do at home for 30 days.

Surely, the best remedy for boredom is to be productive at home. However, most people have done their general cleaning by now and left scratching their head on what to do next.

A great idea would be to get on with those long overdue minor house repair or start your DIY home projects. To avoid being overwhelmed, start with the easy ones. Check if wear and tear have already gotten the best of your furniture. You could also be looking to do some small home improvement like a wider storage for kitchen goods. Kids can also get rough and end up knocking off an important snap ring from their bike; and may need a quick repair.

To be ready to deal with all these, you need to be equip with the right arsenal to avoid any disaster or accident. And the right set of hand tools are useful to have in any situation at home.

KYK 115pcs Tool Kit Set

KYK brings you the right tools that will help you get the job done with their wide range of tools that will help you address your DIY needs and home repair requirements.

A basic KYK Tools Set includes essential hand tools that you must have at your home such as screw drivers, various wrenches, plier, claw hammer, a handy saw, knife, coupler and crimping tool. Having these at your disposal and ready for use at any time will make sure that you are prepared to tighten any loose bolt, disassemble or install all kinds of screws, measure the length of things, drive nail, or even start doing wood and metal works at home.

The tools are convenient to use and with wide usage; each has strong combination, and made of high quality steel material. Each tool is tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, finish and usability and guarantee to last for home use. And with over 4 decades of track record, KYK Tools is sure to have an extensive line that meets your budget.

KYK is available in every All Home branches nationwide. Visit KYK website at to know more details. For updates, follow their FB page:

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