Ocean Park Hong Kong Announces Two Big Launches of the Year

Ocean Park Hong Kong presents the city’s first-ever virtual reality (VR) free-fall ride, The Abyss – VR Space Voyage. Once players put on their VR headsets, they’ll find themselves surrounded by breathtaking views of outer space as they enter an adrenaline-pumping free fall during their mission to Saturn’s largest moon – Titan.


Embark on a trip to outer space at Hong Kong’s first ever VR free-fall ride!

Ocean Park Hong Kong launches the first VR free-fall ride in Hong Kong, The Abyss – VR Space Voyage, riding on the success of VR Mine Train, the first VR roller coaster in Hong Kong. In addition to giving guests a thrilling outer space experience as they plunge to the ground at fantastic speeds, the pre-show section enables guests to explore space travel with the aid of information boards, a mission briefing video and an augmented reality game about Titan.

The story is set in the reality of Earth facing irreversible environmental issues, such as climate change, that lead to the exploration of a new habitable place in the universe. As members of the “Ocean Park Mission Titan” team, guests will be launched into space to investigate Titan. A mission briefing video featuring world-renowned aerospace engineer Dr Aprille Joy Ericsson and pre-trip interactive games offer insights into space and the challenges of space travel, furthering the Park’s long-standing mission on providing world-class edutainment experiences.


Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong for the city’s largest-ever One Piece event!

Meanwhile, Ocean Park Hong Kong is collaborating with iconic Japanese anime series One Piece to bring the Ocean Park Summer Water Battle presented by SKECHERS to guests from all over the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of One Piece, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew members will be in Hong Kong from 13 July to 1 September 2019 to transform the Waterfront Plaza into an exhilarating water battle zone where guests can recreate classic scenes from One Piece.

Guests can enjoy an array of One Piece-themed food and drinks such as the “One Piece Summer Adventure Feast”. Take home limited-edition merchandise such as T-shirts, summer clothing, waterproof phone cases and exclusive One Piece gifts at Ocean Park Hong Kong’s souvenir shops and game booths before they are gone.

Be prepared to load your water guns and join Luffy’s crew to fight against the Marines in a throwback to the Battle of Marineford, harnessing the incredible power of their friendships to dodge all kinds of water cannons and traps! To complete the experience, check out awesome photo spots including the Thousand.Sunny Ship by the Park’s lagoon, the wanted posters, a mega-sized fountain in the shape of Luffy’s signature straw hat. What’s more, an exciting array of One Piece-themed food items and limited-edition memorabilia infused with One Piece snippets will be on offer at designated restaurants, food kiosks and souvenir shops in the Park.

At Whiskers Harbour, a kids-friendly area crafted for the little ones, kids can enjoy an amazing play and take a break from the summer heat at various One Piece-themed water attractions including a foam party zone, straw hat water-mist arches, super water curtains and fountains.

Timothy Ng, Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment of Ocean Park Hong Kong, said, “Water games have always been the Park’s most-loved activities during summer season in Hong Kong. We are thrilled to partner with the immensely popular One Piece to stage the Ocean Park Summer Water Battle presented by SKECHERS and throw a one-of-a-kind bash inspired by the Straw Hat crews’ battles with the Marines. We hope to attract One Piece fans from all over the world to join us on an adventure filled with passion and dreams.”

Plan your trip with family and friends to Ocean Park Hong Kong now to join in this epic pirate adventure!


Written by dotdailydose




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