Take that #Olay #FearlessFirstStep to pursue your passion like Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Catriona Gray

Society’s perception and opinion on beauty and age can get under your skin. Being judged by your looks can dampen your confidence and hold you back from living life to the fullest.

Dealing with scrutiny is something not only your everyday woman faces, even beauty queens deal with it. In its latest campaign, Olay shows how pageant beauties took their #FearlessFirstStep to chase their dreams of a crown and the equally decisive step to pursue their other passions.
“In life, when we want to pursue something new, the most difficult phase is finding the confidence to take that first step,” said Olay category leader Iya Parungo.
“Olay encourages all women to free themselves from self-doubt and fears and to take that #FearlessFirstStep. The path to confidence all starts with beautiful skin. In as short as 28 days you can begin transforming your skin with Olay and bring about a noticeable change that everyone can see,” Parungo added.
28 Days to a Beautiful Skin with #Olay Products
Olay’s proven line of skin care products use ingredients and formulations that protect and rejuvenate your skin giving it a beautiful and youthful glow.
The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is formulated with Carob fruit extract and Amino-peptide complex that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, reducing lines and making it firmer and brighter.
A daily facial cream, Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Day Cream SPF 15 provides seven anti-aging benefits and protection against sun exposure with its green tea and vitamin enriched ingredients, it reduces lines and spots and improves tired-looking skin by giving it a healthy fresh radiance.
Olay White Radiance Perfecting Essence is a new generation essence that provides dual whitening action through its patented Pearl-Optics ™ Technology which brightens skin along with Anastatica which delivers long-lasting hydration. Olay White Radiance makes the skin look smoother and evens out the complexion.

A Beauty Queen’s Confidence
Beautiful glowing skin gives you that extra boost of confidence and lets you fearlessly pursue your passion just like Bb. Pilipinas- Miss Universe Catriona Gray.
Gray shared in the Paano Ba ‘To video by Bianca Gonzalez that she felt extra pressure when she vied for another title. Not only did she face criticisms but even those who supported her had high expectations because she was already a title holder.
The Philippines representative to the Miss Universe 2018 pageant got herself in the right frame of mind by pampering herself, taking care of her skin and not minding all the comments. “No one knows the depth and length of your personal journey, their judgment is a shallow perspective. Don’t let them define everything that you are,” Gray said.
Confidence to do something no matter what people say also allowed beauty queens Miriam Quiambao, Rachel Peters, Laura Lehmann, and Christi McGarry to pursue their other passions and all agreed that when you fear doing something it usually means it is worth your while.
Quiambao hosts and is also a motivational speaker said not to fear finding a path for yourself and using the talents that one has, especially if it is a talent that also has value to others.
Peters went into business and runs a coffee shop in Siargao Island said it is very gratifying when you overcome a barrier in pursuit of what you want.
Lehmann who moved into the movie and TV industry shared that she kept going even when she was nervous and did not know what she was doing. She added that her fear actually pushed her to improve her craft.
McGarry overcame the fear of not having financial stability to pursue her passion of being a DJ. Wanting to express herself through music, she spent hours learning in studios and clubs before they open to progress as a DJ.
So take that #FearlessFirstStep and be your best beautiful with Olay and find the confidence to pursue your dreams, just like these beauty queens did!

Written by editorial team




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