The Science of Wellness and the Ingenuity of Style

In the words of European style icon Veronika Kallaur, “comfort should never come at the expense of style, and style should never come at the expense of comfort”. Countless women have accepted this trade-off as an unfortunate reality, and resigned themselves to the endless pursuit of striking a balance between the two.

This is especially pronounced when it comes to many footwear. More often than not, that striking pair of uncorfortable  shoes can only be worn for a for a few hours before the pinch and muscle twinges begin. Wearing sensible footwear for an activity-filled day and evening can promise more productivity, fun and enjoyment before soreness sets in.

Thankfully, through a combination of Swiss wellness expertise and German production technology, an innovative brand called Blumenfeld has found a way to overcome this dilemma. Blumenfeld – which appropriately translates to “flower field” in English – has made it their mission to create a line of shoes that perfectly combines elegant form, special footwear needs and comfort with seamless functionality. Indeed, from their naturally sourced materials to their breathable, skin-friendly leather, Blumenfeld wellness shoes embody the blissful experience of a soft and comfortable step, and are scientifically designed to provide all-day and evening comfort for all kinds of work or fun-filled activities.
While many are sold on Bluemenfeld’s  classic designs, there is definitely more to their footwear than just good looks. For example, Blumenfeld wellness shoes offers the only replaceable sole on the market, which can easily be removed for overnight hygienic airing. Made of lightweight, 100% natural cork, and protected by 2 layers of jute fiber, the sole naturally absorbs humidity and ensures a stable step. Moreover, the lightweight and flexible outsole is designed specifically for wellness and safety, with the entire shoe meticulously hand-sewn and vegetable-tanned , sans harsh chemicals,  by expert craftsmen.
In order to bring one of Europe’s best to the Philippines, Via Venetto will soon make Blumenfeld available in their stores and is going to be exported to Switzerland, Germany, Australia  and Japan Finally, women of all ages , of varied footwear requirements, walks of life, with tranquil or hectic days or exciting night lives can experience how the science of wellness and the ingenuity of style can come together through this remarkable line of footwear.
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