Faces of Beauty

Kristine Dee’s collection is dedicated to her beautiful clientele

It has been 15 years since joailliere Kristine Dee had her very first jewelry exhibit, and it’s been an annual event in Manila every year. But unbeknownst to many, this smelt and petite lady went to New York to take up industrial design. 
Her roots
“I started when I was taking up my masters degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in New York. I was focused on furniture design at that time. My work background was in furniture design prior to taking up my masters. I took classes in jewelry design and metal smithing in the same campus. I got excited with the thought of designing my own jewelry and making it myself. And, eventually, being able to wear it. The combination of my industrial design training and jewelry metal smithing was a perfect fit,” reveals Kristine.
She flew back to Manila in 2001 and continued her furniture and homeware design for exportation. “But my heart was still in jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing,” shares Kristine. So she took the leap and launched her first jewelry collection in 2003, and showcased her works in galleries and private shows.
Her passion
“I find inspiration and fulfillment in building pieces: from scratch to the final outcome. My goal is for them (clients) to feel their most beautiful the moment they put my pieces on. Because when you feel beautiful, you are confident,” explains Kristine on why she chose this passion for creating luxe pieces.
Over the years, she has proven that her creations deliver the most sophisticated designs and brings out the most positive emotions, making regular clients out of her customers. “I am known for my fine craftsmanship and pieces that lasts for years to come. I am known for my cuffs and bracelets as I enjoy doing them the most. As I am inspired by many things, including the personalities and lifestyles of my clients in made-to-order pieces. The most important factors in my design aesthetics would be my play on proportions, color combinations and texture.”
Her collection
With so many personal conversations with her discerning market, Kristine realizes a common denominator among them is that they love beautiful things that are unique and one-of-a-kind, something that they may not find in any regular jewelry store. “She is special, she enjoys collecting these pieces as works of art that enhances her beauty and confidence. She values the fine, precious materials and excellent Filipino craftsmanship that goes into the making of each piece,” imparts Kristine.
For this current collection that she named “Faces of Beauty,” Kristine dedicates her fine jewelry pieces to her clientele. “Because each one of us is beautiful. We may all look different and have different body types and facial structures but there is always one thing that is beautiful in each of us.”
“Faces of Beauty” is beauty expressed in different personas, presented in fine jewellery through a mix of contemporary, classic and feminine pieces. “These are the different types of ladies I have gotten to to know over the years.”

She is modern, appreciates a variety of art and design Though most likely prefers a combination of pure shapes arranged in excellent proportion.
She appreciates pieces that are simple and straightforward.
She loves soft colors and design aesthetics that are strong in prettiness.
Creative spirit
She loves new ideas, a nonconformist who appreciates new ways and non-traditional approaches.
Kristine takes pride in her one-of-a-kind designs and meticulous craftsmanship. “​I always keep in mind balance and proportion, as well as exciting color combinations. It is also important that each millimeter of any precious material used is in its right place.”

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