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The M Residences at Mahogany III: The Metropolitan House Designed For You

The M Residences at Mahogany III is the latest and final installment of the Mahogany series by VConsuji Group. The M Residences at The Mahogany III offers you the exclusivity, security, and opulence of a premier subdivision minus the intimidating atmosphere and the hefty price tag.

The M Residences is not just an address homeowners can take pride in, it’s a community where they can build lasting connections with neighbors, friends, and family.
The M Residences is not just a collection of well-designed structures that have considered architectural strategies and utilized sustainable materials, it is a collection of homes built to evolve with its owners.
No More Compromises with Living Spaces
“Everyone’s stuck between choosing house sizes, travel time, and of course, cost. What this development addresses the need for a bigger space at an affordable price,” shares CEO Engineer Vic Consuji on The M Residences. “Even if you do get a three-bedroom condo at an astronomical price, where do you park your car? If you family gets bigger, you can’t expand that unit, you have to buy another unit. The M Residences allows people to have a terrific house that’s accessible to all the places you would go to. No one has to sacrifice the convenience of the location and neither do you have to subject your family to a small living space.”
“The running joke is that our condo doors are higher than most condo ceilings,” Vic jokes. “We’re not limited by high rise construction limitations, you can have really big clearances, beautifully dropped ceilings, better air circulation.” With 180 to 400 square meter properties, the spaces were maximized and the designs were strategized to provide the best living conditions for its future owners.
The inspiration behind the design was drawn mostly from Vic’s travels and life experiences both as a family man and engineer. The blueprint of the houses were made to bringing a family together. The living spaces have enough space for an intimate family dinner or even to entertain friends over the weekend, while still providing ample space for each member to have privacy.
Sustainability is at the core of each VConsuji Group . Window and vent placements were thoroughly planned to let natural light in and keep the constant tropical heat of Manila out. Unlike most townhouses, each house at The M Residences have a patch of greenery that literally incorporates the outside in. “We did those glass areas for cross ventilation and light. We wanted to maximize the space but also push in the maximum amount of light while keeping the whole house airy,” points out Vic.
The houses at The M Residences is not a collection of pied-à-terres. The houses are built to last any storm, evolve with its owners, and be passed on as an heirloom. Materials were sourced from top suppliers, the design was created by award-winning architects, and constructed by contractors with over 60 years of experience.
The house design also features strong, clean lines and a homage to Modern Tropical Architecture. The strong lines and stark monochrome exterior palette is softened by the wooden tiles. “We eliminated natural wood from our designs for environmental and safety reasons. The houses are very fire retardant and termite-proof!” Vic laughs.

The structural blueprint of The M Residences are actually built on foundations that can support four-storey homes, despite the units coming in two to three floors.  “We’ve done this for two reasons. One, while we have complete confidence in the quality our team creates,  a lot people are concerned about earthquakes. We wanted to assure them that these houses are extremely safe. And also, if the family decides that they need an extra room in the future they can literally build another floor without worrying about the structural integrity and stability of the house.” This allows the main architecture of the house to evolve with its owners, a big plus with a real-estate market that usually sells bland and cramped cookie-cutter spaces.

A short drive away from the bustle of Bonifacio Global City and the hustle of Makati’s Central Business District, you’re never too far away to enjoy the city’s on-the-go lifestyle yet neither are you too near to get burned out by it. Located inside The Acacia Estates, expect top security services to keep your home and family safe.
With a pioneer property in The Acacia Estates, The M Residences will be soon popping up in other locations in the north of Metro Manila and even the Queen City of the South.
VConsuji Group X Casa Consuji
The showrooms of The M Residences were crafted by Maggie Wilson-Consuji. “It’s our first collaboration as a working couple,” shares Maggie. The houses are designed to compliment the Modern Tropical exterior Vic and his team made. While people might think that it was only natural for Maggie to do the interiors with two years of design school under her belt, she admits that she was terrified to say yes to the project. “I worked on designing our home but it’s always different if other people are going to see it. But to design for other people is scary but exciting.”
The home designer shares that her design philosophy is that “homes should be a place where you wouldn’t want to leave home. It should look like a resort or a hotel that you can get away to everyday.” This guided her in crafting model units for the property. Her signature style of Modern Tropical is evident with the wicker furniture and palm tree print accents. While keeping with her personal design preference, Maggie made sure that she also crafted the spaces to have different personalities so a wider market can appreciate the versatility of Vic’s architectural design.
A majority of the pieces in the showrooms were personally curated and source by Maggie from exotic markets in Bali to local artisan furniture suppliers. A lot of the pieces on display will be available on Casa Consuji, a furniture shop and interior design studio for the modern Filipino homemakers.
Note: Once the buyer completes the 30% downpayment , expected turn over is after one (1) year. For buyer inquiries, phone +632 856 2497 or  email [email protected].



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