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IBPAP to hold the biggest industry-wide event of the year in November

Formerly known as International IT-BPM Summit, this year’s International Innovation Summit (IIS) is set to bring together stakeholders anew on November 12-13, 2018 at Shangri-La at the Fort in Taguig City, Philippines.
IIS 2018, the biggest industry event of the year, will focus on the theme “Human + Tech: Philippines’ Capitalizing on Digital Disruption” with the participation of IBPAP (IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines) member companies and collaborative sub-sectors, providing stakeholders a platform to discuss industry trends, share insights and best practices as well as networking opportunities.
For the first time ever, IIS 2018 excitingly assembles and connects together IBPAP and related sectors that actively collaborate within the industry such as Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI), Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), Global In-house Center Council Philippines (GICC), Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA).
“This year’s IIS will showcase the growth of IBPAP as we collaborate with sectors integral in this industry such as animation, gaming, global in-house centers and healthcare information management. The summit will be able to have a 360-degree perspective on industry trends and transformations,” Cathy Ileto, IBPAP vice chairperson of the Board of Trustees and IIS 2018 chairperson, disclosed.
Kicking off the IIS 2018 is the It Starts Here: An Industry Awareness Fair where almost 2,000 students and potential employees will gather together to learn more about the industry’s various subsectors and the different exciting career opportunities the IT-BPM industry offers.
In the main summit where over 600 tech executives and global leaders are expected to come together in various plenary sessions on topics such as “Global Services Delivery in the Age of Continuous Disruption”, a discussion on the paradigm shift driven by technological advancement, evolving business models, changing client expectations and rapid changes in the business environment; “Philippines Playing a Pivotal Role in ‘Human + Tech’ paradigm shift” and “Workforce of the Future”, a conversation on how organizations can transform to adapt to the evolving nature of human + tech integration
Other key plenary sessions include “Creating a Culture of Innovation—Learnings from Startups and Global Leaders” a session that brings together innovation leaders and share best practices adopted by leading organizations and start-ups to drive continuous improvement and promote innovation; and the closing plenary,  “Cut to the Chase: Recap and Call to Action” which includes a discussion ofleaders of Philippine-based companies and the future of tech in the country.
International research firm Everest Group has partnered with IBPAP in designing the overall theme of IIS 2018 and the summit plan as well as curating the agenda for the sessions.
“With digital disruptions rapidly changing the nature of service delivery, it is important for business leaders to assess the current state of the industry and learn from the experiences of other companies and global thought leaders. The IIS 2018 will also help IT-BPM employees understand the changing nature of the industry, and the skills needed to support work of the future,” H. Karthik, partner at Everest Group said.
The IIS 2018 is sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase and Eastern Telecom.
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