Cellprime and Star Wars join forces to bring Star Wars accessories

May 2017 – Mobile tech innovator, Cellprime Distribution Corp and Star Wars teamed up to bring Star Wars accessories to the Philippine market. Cellprime as an organization continues its legacy as a local Filipino brand that strives to explore and fulfill lifestyles of each consumer segment.

Recently, Star Wars fans were surprised when the trailer of The Last Jedi debuted and dropped across social media channels. The Force is so strong that the fans in the Philippines and all over the world revved about the new trailer release.
In time for the craze, Cellprime Distribution Corp prepared something for all Star Wars fans!

“These are exciting times for the fans. Together with Star Wars, we are confident and happy to add value in the product line-up of our company. And as we bring Star Wars accessories to the market, we are expecting a big turn-over and acceptance especially to all the fans, collectors, geeks and tech-savvy customers,” said Eric S. Yu, CEO and President of Cellprime Distribution Corporation.
The Force is strong with these Star Wars accessories that fans can get a different galactic feel when they accessorize their gadgets.

The list of accessories Cellprime offers include:

  • 16GB USB Flashdrives
  • 8GB USB Cards
  • Car Chargers
  • 2600mAh, 2800mAh and 5000mAh powerbanks
  • Iphone 6 and iPhone 6+ cases.

All officially licensed Star Wars merchandise is exclusively distributed by Cellprime Distribution Corp. Available at select Toy Kingdom, Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Filbar’s stores. Full details and product images are available at

Written by dotdailydose




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