NexTone Introduces New Revenue Opportunities for Music Cover Artists on YouTube with CRIP to Global Markets

NexTone Inc., a prominent Japanese music rights management company, is making strides with its diverse range of business services and tools, which extend beyond its core copyright management operations. Headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, the company’s YouTube channel revenue enhancement service has shown substantial growth. Notably, the CRIP (Cover Revenue Improvement Project) service has successfully secured contracts with several major MCNs and entertainment companies in Japan and is now expanding its reach internationally.

Since its inception in July 2020, with its President & CEO Mr Masahiro Anan, NexTone has been strategically enhancing the revenue potential of music cover videos (including vocal and instrumental covers) on YouTube. The consistent growth of licensing agreements within Japan has paved the way for the full-scale international launch of this service.

About CRIP (Cover Revenue Improvement Project)

CRIP utilizes NexTone’s advanced music identification capabilities on YouTube, enabling significant revenue increases for music cover videos. The service ensures the accurate identification of copyrighted music within videos, providing precise and transparent information to copyright holders. This initiative not only boosts revenue for music cover video creators but also extends to other video content, such as live music performances, animations, and TV shows, which have historically been difficult to monetize.

Future Outlook

CRIP, an exclusive service offered by NexTone, has proven its success in Japan, being adopted by major MCNs, production companies, TV stations, and media companies to enhance profitability. NexTone is now focusing on expanding CRIP’s reach to global markets, confident in its potential to deliver substantial revenue growth worldwide.

NexTone appreciates the continued support from its partners and looks forward to sharing more exciting updates in the near future.

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